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orangegreenlove [userpic]
Two fanfics~
by orangegreenlove (orangegreenlove)
at August 30th, 2010 (01:59 pm)

Title: Watch and Learn
Characters: Yara, Goseki, Yamamoto
Rating: R
Summary: Goseki-sama does his wifely duty, and YamaRyo gets to watch.

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Titel: Be careful what you wish for
Characters: Yamamoto, Yara, Goseki
Rating: NC17 (for gore, not sex)
Warning: Blood, gore, horror
Author's Note: This is part of an AU I am currently working on. This will probably be chapter three or four once my muse agrees to write the first chapter. What happened so far (and hasn't been written yet): YamaRyo went to a shrine and made a wish that Yara should be all his, forgetting that it is never a good idea to make vague wishes at ancient shrines. From then on, he lives every day twice, once in a world that is getting more and more twisted, then a second time in the normal world. Several staff members have gone missing in the twisted world, and bloody body pieces have been found. YamaRyo is understandably confused and freaked out, but he has at least figured out the dual timeline. Things are about to get worse.
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