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by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at January 24th, 2015 (04:36 pm)


by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at September 17th, 2013 (10:23 am)


J&A Holiday Anon Fic Meme
by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at December 30th, 2012 (01:24 pm)

J&A Holiday Anon Fic Meme

March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme
by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at February 29th, 2012 (11:53 pm)

March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme

by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at August 17th, 2011 (05:03 pm)


March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme
by je_anonficmeme (je_anonficmeme)
at May 3rd, 2011 (01:17 pm)

March, the Merry Month of Masturbation Anon Fic Meme

☆☆☆☆☆ shine eternally [userpic]
Tsuka/YamaRyo fic
by ☆☆☆☆☆ shine eternally (curiosa_cabinet)
at October 31st, 2010 (09:53 pm)

Title Hard Practice
Pairing Tsukada Ryoichi/Yamamoto Ryota
Rating R
Genre pwp, humour
Summary YamaRyo gets horny, Tsuka-chan gets lucky
Author's note Many thanks to the Princess of Butts and Porn a.k.a. shisaigas for beta-reading! ♥♥

("This is not a half-bad way to end a hard rehearsal session...")

エル [userpic]
Musical Academy Dancing
by エル (hikaeru)
at October 29th, 2010 (09:20 pm)

Hi people!
Hope everyone's fine~
Here I come with an advertisement of M.A.D.!
Everyone has known Kis-My-Ft2, ABC-Z, Mis Snow Man and even the chibi Jr. but why don't you try to have a look at these cute ikemen boys for a minute to know them better~ I bet they've cute characters that will make you fall for them~!! (^_-)v

( Musical Academy Dancing )

Please feel free to join mix_madmade , a community dedicated to these Johnny's Jr. units - Musical Academy brothers, for more MA, M.A.D. and MADE.

Ryu!Say! [userpic]
NEWShFAN's subbed clips...
by Ryu!Say! (nudrive)
at September 27th, 2010 (08:55 pm)

Originally posted by hikabunny 

Hello everyone,

If anyone was following Newshfan for her subbed videos, you'll have noticed that she has deleted her journal before her mentioned date of October 1. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to save every single one of her entries (I was aiming to save the MU/MF links first!), but I did manage to grab everything under some of the tags, and Kinki Kids clips were one of them.

If you were unable to grab whatever you wanted, you might still be able to!

NEWShFAN's subtitled clips -- Backed Up

Also, if this might be too much to ask for, but before she deactivated her account, I asked if she was going to delete her links, too. She said their termination will come sometime after the deletion of the journal. As such, it would be really wonderful if someone could upload any saved videos they might still have. I've already re-upped a few of what I've downloaded to mediafire and will be ready to revive any dead links.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. If anyone else wants to spread this message to other communities, that'd be great too. Thanks!

orangegreenlove [userpic]
Two fanfics~
by orangegreenlove (orangegreenlove)
at August 30th, 2010 (01:59 pm)

Title: Watch and Learn
Characters: Yara, Goseki, Yamamoto
Rating: R
Summary: Goseki-sama does his wifely duty, and YamaRyo gets to watch.

Read more... )

Titel: Be careful what you wish for
Characters: Yamamoto, Yara, Goseki
Rating: NC17 (for gore, not sex)
Warning: Blood, gore, horror
Author's Note: This is part of an AU I am currently working on. This will probably be chapter three or four once my muse agrees to write the first chapter. What happened so far (and hasn't been written yet): YamaRyo went to a shrine and made a wish that Yara should be all his, forgetting that it is never a good idea to make vague wishes at ancient shrines. From then on, he lives every day twice, once in a world that is getting more and more twisted, then a second time in the normal world. Several staff members have gone missing in the twisted world, and bloody body pieces have been found. YamaRyo is understandably confused and freaked out, but he has at least figured out the dual timeline. Things are about to get worse.
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